Welcome To Legacy Wrestling Academy

We began our journey in 2016 to provide high level wrestling training to youth wrestlers in Idaho.  From the beginning, we had a vision to evolve wrestling practice into a training system to enhance the entire training experience.  We wanted to use training principles from other sport disciplines to quickly develop our wrestlers and increase the ‘fun’ factor. We are very proud to announce we have achieved this in 2018!  Scott Anderson, the owner of Element Athletix in Meridian, Idaho, has agreed to partner with our wrestling club to help us achieve our goals.

Training Times

Tuesday (wrestling) 6:30 – 8PM
Thursday (wrestling) 6:30 – 8PM
Friday (hybrid fitness) 6:30 – 8PM

Element Athletix is a new building with state of the art equipment centrally located off of I 84 at exit 44, or Meridian Rd.  This is a prime location to best serve wrestlers in the Treasure Valley and beyond. Element Athletix is focused on developing training plans in the ‘hybrid fitness’ and ‘functional fitness’ realms, with a concentration in the combat sports disciplines. This is a perfect fit for wrestling training where body weight movement exercises and striking skills will greatly increase the diversity and athleticism of our wrestlers.  We now have a professional location and a permanent home with an established trade name that increases our image.

Team Dues
$50/Month per Wrestler
$10/Visit Drop In Non Members

Memberships through the Legacy Wrestling Academy will include a full membership to the Element Athletix gym to continue training on off-wrestling days! 

*Team Dues are collected every month whether your wrestler attended that month or not.

 We are excited to bring this enhanced training system to several high level and beginner wrestlers that have trained with us in the past, and in the future.  We have had local, state and national champions train with our club. We even have had a Pan American Gold and Silver Medalist training with Legacy! To best develop both the advanced wrestlers and beginning wrestlers, Coach Jayne develops two practice plans for each day of wrestling allowing the Legacy coaches to focus on the two different groups.  Any further questions should be directed to Head Coach Jeff Jayne (208-255-8176; Jeffrey.jayne@isp.idaho.gov) or Coach Brian Bayley at 208-957-3290 (usafbayley@gmail.com). We hope to